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Alerts Services Portofolio

With Over 60 premium services and content feed, our Alerts service provides customers a unique user experience.
Services alerts you with your interests from the recent news, the entertainment, and a whiff of faith.
User will find a great majority of the service where he subscribes to recieve daily of frequently content via SMS.

Content Type:
Content is sent in Text format, Audio, Video or picture.
Source & Rights:
We follow up on the legalities of the content.
Subscription Type:
The user can subscribe daily or monthly.
Subscription Channels:
The user choose from a variety of channels: to call or to send SMS to a short code, the operator's website or the mobile WAP portal.

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About Us

Over the past 10 years Egypt Linx has grown within the Egyptian market and expanded across neighbouring territories, now working in over 20 different countries around the Middle East and North Africa.
Starting off as specializing in technical platforms and branded IVR and SMS services, Egypt Linx now has one of the largest content catalogues in the region made up of some of the biggest music labels and news agencies, and has an in-house production repertoire that is second to none.

Contact Details

Address: No 14, El-Safa St., From 9 St., Al-Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 022 50 50 860
Fax: 022 50 54 948
Email: info@egyptlinx.com


We are always looking for smart, ambitious calibers. Interested to join our team? Please send your CV to:

Email: careers@egyptlinx.com
Fax: 022 50 54 948