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Egypt Linx Services

Content Aggregation and Management

SMS subscription services are entertainment and information services that are aimed at delivering content directly to users' mobile phones. The content is aggregated from content providers and delivered to the user through the mobile operator's network via SMS at a subscription cost. These premium services keep users up-to-date on daily news and offer them customized entertainment or information services charged directly through the mobile operator. Such services have given content providers a means of reaching their users via digital mobile channels straight to their handsets and have opened up a whole new realm of providing content that was previously only available through print, internet or face-to-face interaction.
Egypt Linx manages over 400 different services on Vodafone Egypt's platform, which was custom-made by our highly qualified technical teams, and we have been managing this platform and aggregating the content for over 5 years.
Our services are also being delivered on over 15 other mobile operators across the region and include services such as breaking news, daily tips, entertainment, third-party offers, government services and much more. These services are offered in different forms such as text, audio or video, giving user the option to choose which form of content delivery suits them best.

Mobile Content Aggregation

Capitalizing on the many years of experience in the North African and the Middle East entertainment industry, Egypt Linx has quickly established itself as both a content aggregator and content provider of on-portal and off-portal localized content to mobile operators and third-party clients throughout the region. Rights and licenses to an array of infotainment products and services that have a Middle Eastern value and flavor, and include music, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, fashion, and news content. In addition, the company has established itself as a reliable creator and provider of multiple mobile delivery protocols. With a view of helping to bridge the digital divide for the vast number of new media users throughout the MENA region, the company is constantly developing entertainment services that reflect and fit with the cultural values and unique nature of this emerging market.
We also provide content aggregation services at the highest professional and academic level, we consider content aggregation one of our core businesses and are led by a team that has aggregated, produced, and sold content in tens of countries around the world.
Egypt Linx clearly understands the importance of having local content that caters to the local tastes of end users, and for that we dedicate the necessary effort to provide you with the right categories of diverse local and international content with a clear strategy on how to develop it.

Ring Back Tone (RBT)

Egypt Linx delivers RBT management solutions with full customization according to clients' requirements. For RBT service we develop WEB\WAP portals under operator's Brand, IVR structure with creative prompts recording, and SMS with operator's characteristics.
Ring back tones are music or sounds that the user chooses for their callers to hear while they wait for them to pick-up, rather than hearing a normal dial-tone. It is a way for mobile users to personalize and customize their phones according to their own personal preferences.
RBT also known as call tone can range from parts of hit songs to movie clip dialogues, personalized greeting to sports chants. The content used for this service is directly affected by events and trends and have become increasingly popular in this region of the world over the past 10 years. RBTs are stored in the mobile operators' networks and cannot be download or pirated, therefore they generate large revenues for music labels, content providers and mobile operators alike.
Egypt Linx aggregates more than 20,000 RBT files and has exclusive worldwide rights to more than 5,000 music tracks, in which it works directly with record labels, music producers and artists from around the Middle East to offer mobile users premium, and sometimes pre-released, content for them to enjoy via RBT. We have expanded our content distribution network to include over 15 operators in the region due to our catalogue which is second to none.
Egypt Linx has also acquired worldwide rights to the top music labels in the region and works directly with some of the most well-known artists in the Middle East to offer premium content to our partners. Egypt Linx also produces world-class content for exploitation on operators' RBT platforms and we collaborate with some of the best writers, producers and music moguls to offer a content repertoire that is second to none.

IVR Solutions Overview

Historically, IVR solutions have used pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Modern IVR solutions also enable input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition. IVR solutions enable users to retrieve information including bank balances, flight schedules, product details, order status, movie show times, and more from any telephone.
Egypt Linx IVR platform provide the ability to play and record prompts and gather touch-tone input. Our platform also offers the ability to recognize spoken input from callers (voice recognition), translate text into spoken output for callers (text-to-speech), and transfer IVR calls to any telephone or call center agent.
Egypt Linx uses best-in-class hardware and IVR software which are only the foundation. We also have a team of IVR experts needed to leverage our platform to address customer needs, streamline development and control operational costs.

Premium SMS

Premium SMS provides a simple way for companies to generate revenue. By charging customers with a premium SMS message delivered to their handset, payments can be taken easily and securely whilst the user is on the move.
With SMS billing, it is easy for consumers to pay for goods and services, access digital content, interact with campaigns such as voting, competitions, or make donations. Egypt Linx provides a billing platform with proven reliability, providing real-time reporting to monitor and track premium message transactions.
To set up a premium SMS service an SMS short code is used to charge a variety of tariffs. You can bill for one-off purchases or regular subscription payments, offering mobile subscribers a confident and fast purchase experience without the need of credit or debit cards.

Mobile Advertising

Egypt Linx also offers clients different forms of mobile advertising, usually communicated via SMS, which reaches the user directly on their handset and that is what makes it so successful. In a world where advertising has dominated our lives in every sense whether on the television, radio, internet, on street billboards, on products that we purchase, or in magazines, there are many forms of reaching the consumer; but mobile advertising has the advantage of reaching people directly via their mobile phone, which proves to be more personal in nature and thus more successful. In our SMS campaigns, our clients can choose to send plain text, MMS, videos, voice recordings and coupons or barcodes (for discounts or offers). This method of advertising has proven to be very effective and we've done many campaigns, which have shown great outcomes in terms of customer interaction.

Value Added Services (VAS)

Egypt Linx works very closely with mobile operators to offer the best services to their users. We offer gateway solutions such as SMS, MMS, IVR and IVVR. We also manage many web and WAP portals, as well as, ring-back tone services (RBT), subscription services, sports and news portals.
Our services are unique and extremely creative and are known to increase the ARPU of the telecom operators. Through these services we offer the best in premium content whether news, religious, music, or entertainment, we always aim to exceed the needs of the user.

About Us

Over the past 10 years Egypt Linx has grown within the Egyptian market and expanded across neighbouring territories, now working in over 20 different countries around the Middle East and North Africa.
Starting off as specializing in technical platforms and branded IVR and SMS services, Egypt Linx now has one of the largest content catalogues in the region made up of some of the biggest music labels and news agencies, and has an in-house production repertoire that is second to none.

Contact Details

Address: No 14, El-Safa St., From 9 St., Al-Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: 022 50 50 860
Fax: 022 50 54 948
Email: info@egyptlinx.com


We are always looking for smart, ambitious calibers. Interested to join our team? Please send your CV to:

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